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[Adware] ClickOnce for Google Chrome [eeifaoomkminpbeebjdmdojbhmagnncl]

Posted: malware


The extension "ClickOnce for Google Chrome" is known to be adware or malicious, please use caution.

1. Risks Detail:

wipstats.js (User history tracking)

function showInstallMessage() { 
 var hash = localStorage.update2_shown != 'true' ? '#update2' : ''; 
 localStorage.update2_shown = 'true'; 
 var lastShown = +localStorage.install_last_shown || 0; 
 if (lastShown < +new Date - 7*DAYS) { 
 localStorage.install_last_shown = +new Date; 
 url: '' + hash, 
 selected: true 

When it is installed to your Chrome, it will open a site "", what's the site?

This phishing site is known to contain a virus or browser exploit.

In this case we recommend you base your decision on the screenshot provided by PhishTank (if available) and/or the technical details. If you wish to continue, please insure you are using the last version of your computer's operating system with all recent patches and upgrades applied, as well as the latest version available of your web browser.

Virus detect details:

2. User Comments:


It is dangerous!!

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