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[Adware] WindowShopper [deokogggokdhngikfpabphohmcppfeai]

Posted: malware


The extension "WindowShopper" is known to be adware or malicious, please use caution.

1. Risks Detail:

sfcode.js (User history tracking)

/** Initiate the script inject */
sfmain.prototype.init = function(){
	var self = this;

	chrome.extension.sendRequest({ message: 'getRequestData' }, function( response ){
		var url = '';
		var sendDataObj = {
			statsReporter: 	false

		if (response.subdlsource)
			sendDataObj.CTID = response.subdlsource;

		if (response.uid)
			sendDataObj.userId = response.uid;

		if (response.dlsource)
			sendDataObj.dlsource = response.dlsource;

		if (response.version)
			sendDataObj.clientVersion = response.version;

		self.inject( url, sendDataObj);


var injector = new sfmain();

As you know, it's the ads provider "superfish", it will inject shopping deal ads when you visit Amazon , ebay or other shopping sites.

2. User Comments:

There is no user's comments to it or they haven't find it yet. But be carefull of it!!

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